Learn about us and relive our story. Get to know our team and learn how we work together to achieve success. 

Our Goal

The ADS Family believes in action, advancement, and growth. This small organization has reached various milestones in its active years so far, but nothing prevents us from pursuing more and more.

Our Values


Our first guiding principle is honesty, which helps us meet the expectations we set for ourselves.


We are motivated by a desire to improve our performance, make continuous development, and deliver on time.


As a team, we don't have to be skilled in every area of development to create a stellar service. The ADS family makes the most of everyone's strengths and smooths over weaknesses.


In all of our years in the business, we have never left a customer job unfinished. We look after our customers and create extraordinary experiences for them.

Follow our Journey

Virtual Assistant

The founder of ADS started as a virtual assistant and worked with a real estate brokerage in Alabama for 5 years.

June 2013

Officially Founded

ADS was co-founded by Cory Acabal and her siblings and started as a group of 4.

January 2018

Year of Growth

2019 was the year of advancement and growth for the team. ADS gained more team family members and servicing more clients.

March 2019

Year of Resilience

The business has surpassed the challenges of the COVID pandemic and used it as an opportunity for growth.

April 2020

Continually Growing

The year of advancement The tools and facility have been upgraded and with 16 members catering for our clients, we now have a total of 16 members. New services have been introduced and will continue to launch.

January 2021

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