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Let’s help you make video marketing content that helps promote your business and sell your products and services effectively. Using tried and tested digital video marketing methods we develop a sales strategy for your video, write the script, create visuals and animation.

Marketing Video Maker

Marketing video creation is an essential component of every business’s marketing strategy. As a result, more than 80% of marketers include video conetent as part of their entire marketing strategy.

Recent stats….

81% of people said they were convinced to buy a product or service after watchinh a marketing video – hubspot

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Marketing Video Examples

Here are some of the animated marketing videos we’ve created for some of out incredible clients. We can reduce any difficult subject into short animation video.

Video Marketing Content Styles

Here at ADS, we focus on four types of marketing video production styles: character-driven animation videos, motion graphics videos, live-action plus animation videos, and whiteboard animation videos.

Animated Marketing Video

Your video marketing efforts will begin with animated marketing videos. It’s all about assisting your audience in understanding your company, the value you provide, and giving useful rich animation video marketing content.

People’s attention spans are limited, so engage your audience early and make them interested about the tale you’re telling. Marketing videos, similar to explainer videos, are an important component of any video marketing effort.

Find out how we can assist you in creating marketing animation movies for your company. We create animated marketing videos in the following styles: cartoon animation, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, live action, and others.

Product Demo Videos

Customers can see how a product works before purchasing it by watching a product demo video. Because it allows consumers to see the actual thing in operation, this is an extremely successful approach to market products.

You can utilize either live action or animation depending on the type of product you’re demonstrating. Because animation is so adaptable, you can simply explain complex procedures and create different scenarios in less time and on a smaller budget.

A genuinely good product demo video goes beyond the features and benefits of the product and shows how it addresses a common problem. It’s professional, entertaining, and long enough to convey the benefits and value proposition of the product – yet short enough to keep consumers interested.

Video Testimonials

Testimonial videos are an excellent approach to pique the interest of potential buyers in your product or service. Even if it’s your customer boasting about how you helped them, you should give them some pointers on what to say – but no scripts, please.

A good testimonial starts by emphasizing the customer’s problem, the process they went through in discovering and implementing the solution, and the end outcome of your solution. Essentially, it should focus on how you solved their problem.

Finally, they can discuss why they believe consumers should collaborate with you or buy your product rather than your competition.

Thought Leadership Videos

With video content marketing content in the form of how-to films, you may establish yourself as an expert in your area. As you develop and distribute more material on industry-related topics, you establish yourself as a source of quality knowledge that people may subscribe to.

Thought leadership marketing animation video material fosters trust and increases sales. People are more likely to buy from a company that demonstrates higher industry understanding when making a purchasing choice. You’ll discover that how-to videos that create knowledge in an area are more beneficial than promotional videos in your video marketing efforts.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are a versatile tool that will offer your company a voice. Customers want to know who you are, what your goal is, and what your business values are. Employees must be aware of the company’s corporate culture and purpose. All of this may be conveyed in a well-crafted short marketing animation or live action video.

Use video to promote the organization to new hires, train personnel, or communicate with management and stakeholders. Large organizations have long employed digital marketing video content to attract and hire new talent. The videos show walkthroughs of company workplaces as well as interviews with employees who rave about working for that organization.

Training and Educational

With training video production, you can take the sting out of using a complicated product or service. We’ve all bought goods that require assembly at home, and at some point you get stuck because the instructions aren’t particularly clear. Great items are occasionally returned simply because they are too difficult to use.

This can easily prevented by creating an instructional film that shows how to utilize your product. Because it stimulates both visual and auditory senses, small company video marketing material is more successful in teaching your employees, increasing information retention from 10% to 60%. Learn how we can assist you in creating a training or lesson video for your company.

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